October is Lupus Awareness Month

October is Lupus Awareness Month, and for me I am reminded of it every day. My mission is to make Lupus a universal term like other well known diseases such as AIDS, Autism and Diabetes, etc.. Lupus needs to be brought to the forefront of the medical community. It has been silent for the last sixty years. No one knows what is or how someone acquires it. Therefore, people who have been diagnosed with it have been living in silence. For me, I have always felt like it's the silent, dirty disease. I've been living with the mindset of "Don't tell anyone you have it, it will be bad for people to know." Now that I am finally speaking up about Lupus, I am going to make a positive change. I am going to inspire people, and bring hope to them so they can live a life of Awareness about Lupus.

Please follow me on my Blog to learn more about Lupus.  Everyone is on their own journey and every journey is different. However, my encouraging word for the day is to stay determined on your journey.    

Remember to smile and smile more

Aimee Ackell