Power Of Positive Thinking

I know it's difficult to keep your mind going in a positive direction on a daily basis. However, your mind is powerful, and how we think and what we think can control our emotions. A person who has Lupus can be challenged on a daily basis, because some days you might feel tired and fatigued or you can feel full of energy. It's usually an assortment of feelings depending on how your body is feeling. I know this, because I deal with it every day.

Here are some things that I do on a daily basis that give me the power of positive thinking:

  • I wake up and mediate for about 10 minutes;
  • I give gratitude to the universe for all things I am grateful for in my life;
  •  I say my daily mantra. For example, I say to myself that I am all knowing and powerful. I am healthy, successful, happy,wealthy and wise. I am charitable and kind;
  • When a negative thought comes into my mind, I eliminate it by visualizing a picture of one of my favorite flowers and the scent it gives off. This allows me calm myself down, and I return to my power of positive thinking.  

Remember, it's better to positive than to be negative.

Smile, and smile more.