The Power of a Good Affirmation

Greetings Healthfullicious Friends,

I start out on a daily basis saying,  "Thank you universe for this blessed day. I am happy and healthy. I can do and be anything I want in my life."

These affirmations, I created on my own. I've read and listened to many spiritual healers like Dr. Wayne Dyer, Louise Hay and Rhonda Byrne who have inspired me to have a healthy and positive outlook on life. 

I find that repeating one or all of my affirmations listed above helps me in good times and in a time of need. It's helpful if you repeat it throughout your day. So give it a try and see if first you enjoy doing it. Once you start doing it on a daily basis the result will help you change your life in a positive way.

Also, I like to give myself a positive word of the day. I try to use that word throughout my day to achieve whatever goal I'm trying to accomplish. For example, I'm working on my Lupus book, and I need to stay focused. My word of the day is determined. I remind myself throughout the day to stay determined which will allow me to stay on track with my writing in a positive way.

I hope this helps.

"Smile and you can change your day"