Holidays are a time of joy and love. However, they can put a lot of stress on anybody or a relationship. People have many parties to attend, awkward moments with families and in-laws and gift situations. There's a lot to navigate, and you know it to be true that the holidays aren't perfect, but once you let go of the fantasy, then you can relish in them. Here are few tips on how to let go:

  • Unwind when you can
  • Pace yourself with parties
  • Relax about the gifts
  • Don't force anything you don't want to do

One idea I have about Christmas is to invite all of my friends over for a warm and friendly meal, and no family may attend. People would eat, drink and relax with one another. The rules are no negative talking and no gifts. It's a joyous, festive occasion for friends. 

Christmas is a time to open our hearts and to have special memories. I'm definitely going to try my idea out one Christmas. It sounds perfect for the holidays.