Things to give up for the New Year and stick with for 2016

Greetings Healthfulicious Friends,

I decided to think about the things that are holding me back for 2016, and I decided that I would try to give up the following in order to achieve my goals this year.

They are the following:

  1. Stop doubting yourself
  2. No more negative thinking
  3. Stop fearing failure
  4. No more criticizing others
  5. No negative self-talk
  6. Stop procrastinating
  7. Stop fearing success
  8. No more people pleasing

I believe if I stick with these 8 proclamations for 2016, I will be successful in achieving my goals. I am excited to start doing these things and incorporating them into my daily routine, along with my Transcendental Meditation.

I will be updating my Blog on how I am doing with my proclamations all throughout the year. 

You are what you believe!

Smile, smile more and cherish yourself!