Does Lupus Get Enough Recognition?

I was shocked to see in my email last night an article titled "Lupus Sent Toni Braxton To The Hospital-What All Women Should Know" Lupus has been long overdue for some national and international recognition. I was happy to see the article mentioned not only that Toni Braxton had Lupus, but Selena Gomez, Nick Cannon and Seal. There are other celebrities who have it, but unfortunately won't come out publicly saying they have it. However, the Lupus Foundations know who they are. There are no secrets in this world in the day and life of the internet and technology.

My point being, it's great for the disease to start getting more recognition and hopefully people will become more aware of the disease. The more monies Lupus Foundations raise it will help in finding a cure.

If you would like to read the article it's online at under Health on October 4, 2016, written by Karin Miller, Key words to search are Toni Braxon, Lupus, News

There was no link for the article to post, sorry!

Stay strong and persevere. Remember to always smile and cherish yourself!