This week, I needed the patience of a saint. I was uploading my book and I ran into a major problem with the sizing of my book cover. At first, I panicked and then cried. I was devastated and thought that the universe was working against me. But then, I put on my big girl positive attitude, and thought about how to have patience in this situation so that I could get through it with flying colors. 

I believe by learning and practicing patience in your life it will allow you to make a conscientious choice to give up control of a situation and be in alignment with your expectations of your own reality. By modeling this and thinking about the power of patience and how one's exercised it in the past, it may give you a new perspective on a current situation.

As a result of modeling my patience this week. I have come up with a solution to fix my book cover. Now, all that has to happen is that my plan of action works. Well see soon...I'll report back on my Blog.