Watch my for Butterfly Girl, My Lupus Journey coming soon...

My journey…I’ve been living with Lupus for over two decades now, and it’s taught me how to live my life in a positive, mindful, and healthy way. Back on February 6, 1996, I was diagnosed with SLE Lupus. There is no cure for Lupus. I went through hell and back. I finally decided to use my mind to change my matter (body). The last five years living with my Lupus has changed dramatically for the better. I am finally feeling like my old “self” again. I am healthy and happy. I’m here now in the present to share my past, present and future with the universe. I believe if I could change my life around with an illness, you can do it too!

What I learned from my journey has altered my life forever. I believe that I can change and help your life too! Reading my book and downloading my positive sheets can start you on your own positive, healthy, happy, spiritual wellness journey.

My life changing moment help me realize that I can live a healthy, happy, spiritual and wellness life. I am deeply connected with my faith, exercise, diet, writing, mediations and charity work. I learned that one’s mind is connected to one’s body.

Finding balance is key to being successful in healing yourself. Many measures or “pins” that you’ll read about in my book have helped me grow into the “well-balanced person that I am today.

Remember, “I have no fear, I will persevere” is my daily motto and I choose to share it with you!