Taking a mental break is important for both your mind and body

The last few weeks have been very hectic for me. I feel blessed that I have been able to publish my book: BUTTERFLY GIRL, My Lupus Journey. Now, the hard work begins...Now, I am my own agent, social media coordinator and spokesperson. It's going to be challenging, and I have never stepped down from taking a challenge in my life. We all must persevere and I will continue on with my journey. 

Now that I am busy, I believe it is good to take a 5-minute break from the noise on a daily basis.

Here is how I do it

I take a five-minute break from the noise on a daily basis. If possible, go into a room that is very quite, such as bedroom or an used room. I close my eyes and savor the peace and quiet. Also, I repeat my mantra to myself to calm my mind and body.

Why it matters

Noise pollution is all around us, and it weakens our body's immune system and it even increases our heart attack risk. Taking a short break from the noise will help reduce your stress and the good news is it will increase your productivity and efficiency. 

Smile, smile more and cherish yourself!