When you're having a bad day with your Lupus, what do you do?

Here are some tips on what to do if you're having a bad day with your Lupus, from My Lupus Team:

My friend, AprilAnn says, "You know there is just a sense of knowing that things will get better when having bad days. We don't know what the next minute holds for us, nobody does and just existing is not a way to live. You need to get up and live. At times, you need to rest and know that you will be up and living soon. My neck locked up and it has been for nearly 4 years, but it locked up on it's own, doctor's can't help me, but my neck and I will be doing a happy dance. It will get better, my neck will move again and I will have pain free days again. I will resume working again. Life will not be this new normal but for now, God has me here for a reason."

 Me personally, when I'm having a bad day. I revaluate my day and slow down. I usually write in my journal my vision of what I want my goals to be and that helps inspire me to have a better mind set. Drinking lots of water and resting are the two most important factors in trying to help me when I'm having an off day.

Smile, smile more and cherish yourself!