Eight Things You Should Do Every Day...

I believe in trying to take care of yourself the best way that you can on a daily basis. Here are EIGHT things that I do to help me.  Routine and consistency help me to have structure and a positive outcome.

And the EIGHT things are....

1) Drink a lot of water- It's essential for good skin and clear out the toxins in your body.

2) Enjoy your meals and try to eat without any distractions- It's important to not have any distractions and to just "taste" your meal. Enjoy it!

3) Enjoy some fresh air when you can- Stop and smell the roses. Take a walk and or take a walk around the block.  Taking a small break can re-energize you put you back in a positive mood.

4) Find little ways to stay active throughout the day- Workout is essential, so don't make any excuses. You need to be disciplined and "Just Do It." Exercise relieves stress and makes you feel good.

5) Be grateful for what you have in your life- Every morning before I get out bed, I say out loud what I am grateful for, and I believe it helps me start the day off on a positive note.

6) Sleep and sleep well- Sleep is the best medicine for your body. It rejuvenate's you and it's the best feeling when you get a good night's sleep.

7) Eat some dark chocolate- Dark chocolate with 85% cocoa has very low sugar and it's good for you. The fats in dark chocolate are a great source of energy along with the antioxidants and fiber.

8) Eat your vegetables- Eating green vegetables and fruit are essential for everyone's diet. Make sure the vegetables vary in color and fiber content. Also, I take Juice Plus which is a plant based supplement. It's great!

Stay strong and persevere. Remember to "Always smile and cherish yourself." -Aimee Ackell-