Five Foods To Avoid Before Bed

Do you know which type of foods are bad for you to eat before bed? I know because I use to eat them. Scientific studies have shown these 5 foods are bad for you before you go to bed. They are the following:

  1. Caffeine- It's quite an obvious one to know not to eat before bed. Eating or drinking caffeine can keep you up at night. The point is to look at the types of food you are eating at a late hour before eating them. Even though certain people can eat foods with caffeine before bed they can still have a side effect of not having a deep sleep, which can be bad. The result is a bad night's sleep.
  2. Alcohol- Drinking alcohol causes a person to have a light sleep, which in turns means you're not having a good night sleep at all.
  3. Sugar- Sugar can make anyone hyper. It's not good for you so try to reduce the amount of sugar you eat on a daily basis. Natural sugars are better to eat along with protein. This allows the body to digest the sugar from the fruit more slowly and you don't experience a sugar spike.
  4. Spicy and high-acid foods- Eating spicy and high-acid foods allows two things to happen to you. First, it causes acid reflux and second it causes heartburn. It happens mostly when you are laying down and sleeping. 
  5. Foods that are hard to digest- Foods that are fibrous or cruciferous vegetables. These foods are hard to digest because these foods contain indigestible sugars that cause bloating and gassiness when eaten in excess. The point here is to eat these types of food early enough so that you can get a good night's sleep. If you eat late and a lot of these foods you won't sleep well.

I hope this helps. I always try to give good advise when it comes to diet. It's important to understand what goes in and comes out of your body.

Stay strong and persevere.  Remember to "Always smile and cherish yourself." -Aimee Ackell-